Changelogs and news from the Flood project.

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Size by tag or tracker, better performance, bug fixes

Release 4.7

October 09, 2021 Jesse Chan (jesec)

Deluge support, Last Active Date, Finished Date

Release 4.6

May 28, 2021 Jesse Chan (jesec)

Reannounce, Accessibility, JSON-RPC for rTorrent

Release 4.5

March 14, 2021 Jesse Chan (jesec)

Stream with Your Player, Sequential, Retrieve .torrent

Release 4.4

February 02, 2021 Jesse Chan (jesec)

Generate Magnet Link, Theme Button, Multi-arch Docker

Release 4.3

December 01, 2020 Jesse Chan (jesec)

Stream content directly

Release 4.2

November 25, 2020 Jesse Chan (jesec)

Tag selector enhancements

Release 4.1

November 17, 2020 Jesse Chan (jesec)

Transmission, qBittorrent support, documented APIs and new features

Release 4.0

November 10, 2020 Jesse Chan (jesec)

Security enhancements, set tracker, context menu item

Release 3.1.0

September 04, 2020 Jesse Chan (jesec)

Localization, touch support, dark theme, npm

Release 3.0.0

August 25, 2020 Jesse Chan (jesec)