Release 4.1

Written on November 17, 2020 by Jesse Chan (jesec)

4.1.2 (November 21, 2020)

  • qBittorrent fixes:
    • Remove existing tags
  • New translations
    • Dutch, thanks to @vain4us
    • German, thanks to @chint95

4.1.1 (November 18, 2020)

  • Transmission fixes:
    • Set tags while adding torrents
    • Set trackers
  • New translations
    • Czech, thanks to Jan Březina
    • French, thanks to @Carryozor
    • German, thanks to @chint95
    • Romanian, thanks to @T-z3P

4.1.0 (November 17, 2020)

⚠️ Changes that may require manual attention: ⚠️

  • Configuration is now schema validated before the start of Flood server
    • No action required if you use (preferred and default) CLI configuration interface
    • This ensures that when the config.js needs to be updated, the failure happens loud and early
    • Check shared/schema/Config.ts for more details
  • Enforces that the length of secret must be larger than 30
    • Secret can be brute forced locally without interaction with the server
      • However, an attacker must get a valid token (generated by proper authentication) first
        • If all users are trusted, attackers have no way to get a valid token
    • Secret is used to sign authentication tokens but it is NOT linked to the password
      • Attacker may log into Flood as any user if they have the secret
        • However, they are still constrained by capabilities and settings (such as --allowedpath) of Flood

Other changes:

  • Tag selector preference:
    • Single selection:
    • Multi selection:
  • UX enhancements to tag selector
  • Suggest destination based on selected tag
  • add-urls and add-files API endpoints no longer fail if destination property is not provided
    • Download destination fallback has been implemented:
      • Tag-specific preferred download destination
      • Last used download destination
      • Default download destination of connected torrent client
    • This makes things easier for API users
    • No direct impact on Flood itself
  • Remember last used “Add Torrents” tab
  • Remove center alignment of certain modals to align with global styles
  • Disallow browser’s input suggestion when tag selector or folder browser is open
  • Don’t pop up the browser menu on right click while context menu is open
  • Experimental standalone (single-executable) builds
  • New translations
    • German, thanks to @chint95
    • Romanian, thanks to @T-z3P
  • Bump dependencies
  • Bug fixes:
    • Properly handle “error” alerts (display “❗” icon instead of “✅” icon)