Release 3.0.0

Written on August 25, 2020 by Jesse Chan (jesec)


    • If baseURI is set, server will only respond to requests with baseURI. For instance, if you use location /flood {proxy_pass;}, you would have to change it to location /flood {proxy_pass;}.
    • Static assets now use relative paths only. It is no longer needed to recompile after baseURI change.
    • Location of runtime files are rearranged. New default location for runtime files is ./run folder. tempPath is now made configurable.
    • Static assets are relocated to ./dist folder. You have to change the path from ./server/assets to ./dist/assets if you serve static assets from web server.
    • Flood will refuse to start if secrets are detected in static assets. Former default secret flood and some other weak secrets are no longer accepted.
  • A command line interface is added as config.cli.js. Rename it to config.js and run npm run start -- --help for more details.
  • With some changes, Flood is now ready for publish to npm. You can now use sudo npm install -g flood to get a ready-to-use copy of Flood, then run flood. It is even easier with npx, try npx flood --help now.
  • Better localization:
    • Flood project is now integrated with Crowdin, a renowned translation management system. It is now easier than ever to contribute your translations to Flood.
    • Language will now be automatically detected from your browser by default.
    • New languages are supported: Čeština, Deutsch, italiano, norsk, Polskie, русский язык, Romanian, svenska, українська мова, 日本語 and اَلْعَرَبِيَّةُ thanks to Crowdin Machine Translation.
    • New translations for Chinese (Traditional) thanks to @vongola12324.
    • New translations for Dutch thanks to @NLxDoDge.
    • New translations for Portuguese thanks to @MiguelNdeCarvalho.
  • Support for touch and smaller screen devices:
    • Sidebar is able to be collapsed via a button. It is collapsed by default when screen width is lower than 720px.
    • Modals (Settings, Torrent Details, Add Torrent, etc.) are tuned for smaller screen devices.
    • It is now possible to open context (right click) menu on iOS/Safari devices by long pressing the item.
    • Drag and drop is now possible for touch devices. You can now adjust the order of columns in Settings on touch devices.
    • Widths of columns are now adjustable on touch devices. (condensed view)
  • Dark color scheme support:
    • Flood now automatically switches between light and dark color scheme based on your system settings.
  • XML special chars (&, <, >, ', ") are properly handled. For instance, escaped chars like & will be properly displayed as & instead of &amp;. File operations on torrent with special chars no longer fail.
  • squashfs and tmpfs mount points are now excluded by default in disk usage. This hopefully makes sure that useless system mounts won’t spam the list.
  • More Info button in expanded view is removed.
  • More dependencies are bumped to the latest revisions.