Release 4.0

Written on November 10, 2020 by Jesse Chan (jesec)

4.0.2 (November 11, 2020)

  • New translations
    • German, thanks to @chint95
    • Romanian, thanks to @T-z3P

4.0.1 (November 10, 2020)

  • Fix the unreliable clear all notification button
  • Bump dependencies

4.0.0 (November 9, 2020)

  • Experimental multi-client support
    • qBittorrent
    • Transmission
  • Stabilized and documented public API endpoints
  • Defined and documented internal interfaces, data structures and APIs
  • Better documentation for users and developers
  • Full migration to TypeScript
  • Reasonable test coverages for API endpoints
  • Torrent creation support
  • Add torrents as completed
  • Dropdown selector for existing tags
  • Seeding status in status filter
  • Set tracker URLs of torrents
  • Improved handling of rendering, updating and scrolling of torrent list
    • Preliminary tests show that Flood can now handle 500,000 torrents at least in the frontend.
    • Note: real-world performance depends on other factors such as method call and deserialization operations in the backend and data transfer between backend and frontend.
  • Better performance, less memory and CPU consumption in both frontend and backend
  • New translations
    • Chinese (Traditional), thanks to @vongola12324
    • Czech, thanks to Jan Březina
    • French, thanks to @Zopieux and @Mystere98
    • German, thanks to @chint95
  • Bug fixes
  • Security enhancements
  • Dockerfile revamp
  • Native build tools no longer needed as native dependency is replaced with WebAssembly variant
  • Server is packed before distribution, reduced number of dependencies in production, faster installation