Release 3.1.0

Written on September 4, 2020 by Jesse Chan (jesec)


  • Allow to replace main tracker of torrents
  • Allow adjustment of visible context menu items
  • config.cli: make all configs configurable by options and env
  • styles: properly set width of clipboard icon (fixes #26)
  • client: hide logout button when auth is disabled
  • Hungarian support (#21), thanks to @sfu420
  • New translations:
    • Chinese Traditional, thanks to @vongola12324
    • Czech, thanks to @brezina.jn
    • Portuguese, thanks to @Zamalor
  • Security enhancements:
    • Allow restriction on file operations by paths
    • Do not bypass authentication token validation with disableUsersAndAuth
    • server: prohibit Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
    • server: auth: strictly prohibit cross-site cookie
  • Minor security fixes:
    • rTorrentDeserializer: avoid double unescaping
    • SettingsModal: mergeObjects: prevent prototype pollution
    • server: setSettings: turn inboundTransformations into a Map to validate dynamic call
    • server: be explicit about client app routes
    • server: cache index.html into memory
  • Minor refactoring and other changes
  • Bump dependencies to the latest revisions